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Placing orders with us is very simple. To start, you can use our website to send our team an email or you can call in using our phone number to speak with one of our team members. We begin each project by meeting our customers in a preliminary design meeting where we talk about your likes and wants for what you would like to do for your home. We start by meeting at your home for our qualified technicians to perform measurements and to create a simple layout or plan along with a rough estimate to how much your project may cost. If the estimate and layout is to your liking we can move forward to a formal contract signing and then we can begin detail drawings.


Once we have a formal contract signing, we will start to perform detail breakdowns for finishes, materials, color, accessories, and if you would like to add any stone or quartz-stone counter-top finishes. We can also begin to select the accessories and appliances for your project. You can choose to use accessories from our collection or use your own. Accessory and Appliances fees are a separate item from our cabinet quotes.


Once all the finishes and material breakdown and details are to your liking, we can place the order with our manufacturers and once the items are shipped to your job site location, we can have our qualified third-party installers perform the installation for your project. Note that HLS Highlife Style LLC is NOT a construction company or a licensed installer, we are a material and cabinet sales company, all of our installations are done by qualified third-party installation professionals that we have worked with for a long time and also are certified to install our products. You can also choose to use your own installer or contractor if you wish. Once installation is complete, we only require you to make a final assessment to how your cabinets look and if everything looks amazing, we will close out your project for completion.

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